I talk about wholeness every day.

After my recent recovery from a COVID infection, I felt the experience solidified the fact that I have, indeed, found my sweet spot: restoring wholeness.

For most of my life, brokenness formed the essence of my identity. Like some of you reading this today, I have felt disassociated from my true self due to prolonged exposure to domestic violence.

Imagine growing up in a home as the eldest daughter and slowly realizing that something is not right. Seeing your mother being beaten up, pummels a sense of powerlessness into you too.

The brain helps…

Money management is simple, right?

We all know what to do: spend less than you make, invest 15–20% of your income and avoid debt like the plague.

Simple in theory, yes.

In everyday life… not so much.

Our relationship with money is hard coded into our identity, as research shows that our money habits are established by age 7. The good news is that if you have young children, you can start teaching them about money early on, as they are able to grasp money basic money concepts by age 3.

(I tried this with my 18 month old and…

The acceleration of change spurred on by the global pandemic has wearied the world. Employees who were hoping that 2021 would magically make all the COVID-19 craziness go away are grappling with persistent anxiety.

Human beings weren’t designed to live in constant stress. We resist the things we cannot control and try to do everything in our power to build stability. We need a form of predictability in order to feel safe.

Organisations are faced with the ongoing challenge of keeping staff who survived the COVID-19 cull engaged and productive. …

There is no magic in the start of a new year. The change of the calendar is not going to induce some mystical shift in the patterns of our lives.

The magic is in you.

Every thought that races through our brains (that’s 6 000 per day) and every action we take is a seed that will bear fruit in our future. We are more powerful than we realise (perhaps even more powerful than the economy or politicians to dictate the course of our lives).

What is helpful as we wait up for the countdown (or go to bed at…

You’ve waited for this moment for YEARS. You are finally able to walk onto the graduation stage and receive your ticket to adulthood. You have a degree. Now you can finally get that dream job so that you can live the life you always imagined.

Then all your friends get jobs and despite all the interviews you’ve been to, no one has called you back. You’re beginning to feel despondent. This wasn’t the way things were supposed to be!

So how do you stop yourself from losing hope when its been months since graduation and you’re still unemployed? …

We’ve lied to our children.

It’s a beautiful lie because it’s one that we’ve told ourselves. All deception is built upon a partial truth. That’s what makes it so believable, so pervasive — and so dangerous.

We’ve told young people that they need to work hard at school, get accepted into university, study hard and get a job. Then life will make sense. This is the path to life. …

It used to be the dreaded office meeting that would suck the joy (and time) out of a typical work week. Hours spent in meetings that could’ve been an email has morphed into more emails than usual, on top of additional on-screen meetings while working remotely.

Thanks a lot, covid-19!

As part of our first year at work training programme, we help graduates develop tactics on how to manage their inbox as a way to improve productivity. The same rules apply when trying to manage your workload when working remotely.

The average worker receives around 120 emails per day —…

Leaders are not born.

They are made by the choices they constantly make.

Every person has the ability to learn to become a leader. We have to lead our own lives, otherwise we will be led by others. Servant leadership is a style of leadership that places the benefits of others over benefits to self. Here are seven servant leadership traits we can all learn.

1. Willingness to embrace discomfort: taking the lead on projects in organisations is not comfortable. …

“Once we truly know that life is difficult — once we truly understand and accept it — then life is no longer difficult.” M Scott Peck


How do you know if you have it?

It’s the voice inside your head that tells you to try again when something didn’t work out quite as planned. It’s that inner resolve that kicks in when you realise that the path to the goal you’re trying to attain is more difficult than originally anticipated. …

Ruining one’s life is not something most people consciously set out to do. Most people want to achieve success in life. There is an inner drive to excel, to achieve your potential, to have your life count for something.

As you’re reading this, there are probably some thoughts and feelings stirring in your heart and mind. Maybe you’re remembering the things your parents want you to do with your life. Maybe it’s your own goals and ambitions that seem so far away. …

Cheryl Benadie

Your personal guide on your journey to wholeness

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